Today’s workout was totally bland, and that’s OK!

Today's workout was totally bland, and that's OK!
Stick. To. The mfking. Plan. reel from my instagram

Today’s workout was totally bland, and that’s OK! Here’s why ⬇️

It really wasn’t something to “hänga i julgranen,” as we say here in Sweden (hang in the Christmas tree 😅) – meaning it wasn’t anything out of the extraordinary. And why does it need to be? I still showed up! My muscles still got to work, and my 🍑 still got a nice pump 🥰
We tend to underestimate our daily steps and routines, and they are so so so important for the big picture! Without them, we’d never get to our goals. It’s not all or nothing, it’s not the one amazing personal-record-hitting-day once in a month or two which will make that HUGE difference – it’s consistency! It’s sticking to the PLAN 💪 Remember WHY you need to show up and SHOW UP!

Progress isn’t linear. Realistically!

I actually read an instagram post (that I of course now can’t find 😅) that mentioned something exactly that; most of our workouts will be bland and we simply can NOT have personal records on each one. That would mean we would ALWAYS increase the weights and make progress. That is simply unrealistic. Imagine that you work out your chest muscles once every week by doing bench press. You perhaps start at just the bar, 20kg, and can add a new weight (1.25kg to each side, so 2.5kg total) every week for a year. If you kept this up, you’d be pushing 130kg in a year. It’s possible! But not entirely realistic. We don’t live in a perfect world and no matter how hard we try we will not be as strong every week. High levels of stress, poor sleep, hormones rollercoasting and simply life just happening will get in our way of perfect progress. And that is OK!

While some variables can’t be controlled, we can still control what we eat and how we respond to situations. If we consistently make small improvements in what we can control (like just showing up and sticking to our plan!) we will achieve long lasting and sustainable progress.

Even a bland workout is still progress.

So there it was. My energy wasn’t through the roof this Monday, but I went and did the work I promised myself I would. That’s AMAZING! This body is changing, and I can tell by the difference over a PERIOD OF TIME! Not over one single amazing workout 😉

Will you stick to your plan today? ✨️ Remember, even if today’s workout is totally bland, that’s still OK! You will move forward, and you will not regret it.

Much love, strength & happiness,