First day back at the gym!! SO HAPPY to be able to keep working on me & my goals! 💥 It’s been at least 4 weeks and the last sickness kicked by butt. I’ve practiced some good amount of patience now! 😅 And I’ve kept up my step count for overall health and wellness, but now I am BACK to building strength 💪. This fiery glutes & quads workout was definitely a welcomed challenge!

Being back from a break, we don’t need to do a whole new program than before! 💡 Focus instead on getting your body used to the “old” moving patterns, but with lower weights and focus on form. There is still A LOT of stuff happening in the muscles (just look at my faces!! haha). Start low, and increase little by little if you feel that you’re able to without pushing too far. Trust your instincts! But remember that soreness does NOT = effective workout 🚫.

There is NO SHAME in lowering the weights! Even by A LOT. I can’t preach this enough. Social media is overwhelmed by people pushing to their limits, but we really have no idea how long they’ve been working on it and neither what everyone is going through. It’s amazing for inspiration and maybe that extra kick-in-the-butt to get off the couch, but try your best not to judge nor compare! You’ve got this 🫶 I’ve got this.

Here are the deets for a fiery Glutes & Quads workout!

🔹 Conventional Deadlifts: 2 warmup sets, then 4×8
🔹 Single Leg Leg Press: 3×10
🔹 Good Mornings in Hack Squat: 3×10
🔹 Leg Extensions: 3×12
SUPERSETTED (meaning you do these two exercises without resting in between)
🔹 Hip Abductions: 3×15
🔹 Hip Adductions: 3×15

Much love, strength & joy,

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