The absolut worst thing for your new year’s health resolution

The absolut worst thing you can do for your new year’s health resolution is to set the highest expectations. If it comes from a super positive and motivated place or from a “I deserve this punishment”-place doesn’t really matter if your expectations are unrealistic. Are you someone who’s never been on that level before and KEPT it for more than 6 months? Then it probably will not happen now either, sorry to tell you 🤷‍♀️.

The absolut worst thing you can do for your new year’s health resolution

  • Start your journey with a mindset of punishing yourself
  • Tell yourself you will NEVER EVER eat this or that
  • Set a plan to work out EVERY day of the week
  • Change all of your meals completely
  • Set a step goal of 15k/day when you barely walk 2k today

It’s with the uttermost love and care for you that I say this – LOWER THE BAR! ❤️ Take SMALL steps 🐾. It might sound boring, but this WILL get you towards your goals. I’ve been there, done that – in both the “I’M GOING ALL IN” camp and the “Doing what I can” camp. I can definitely say that the last camp has been the one getting me to a sustainable and HAPPY lifestyle! ✨

The absolut BEST thing you can do for your new year health resolution

is to take off about 80% from all the points! Take a moment to ask yourself “where am I at today?” and “what can I implement that I know will feel basically effortless?”. Set the bar low; that way you will set yourself up for success and THAT will create a snowball effect of motivation for you to keep going 🥳. Waaaaay better than the opposite!

A balanced mindset is to train for LIFE, not for the summer. That will instantly take off the time-limit pressure and instead bring a whole other level of fun to your journey! 🥰

Much love, strength & happiness,