Comparisons & Mental Stress – What I realized after 2 weeks off Instagram

So, I’ve been a bit MIA both on here and on my Instagram (IG). If you follow me on IG you probably saw my “ending” reel (that audio clip is hilarious btw!) where I mentioned I was taking a break. To be completely honest; I did pop in on IG a few (very few, I promise πŸ˜…) times during these weeks…

Staying completely off is fricken HARD?! It is truly a FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling which I thought was a typical Generation Z thing, but this became so real to me during the break that I started to dig deeper into why I felt the need to keep opening the app. Was it because I was addicted to know what everyone else was doing? Or simply because I was bored? Truth be told; yes and yes! At least at first it was so, because after about a week that habit changed and I realized why I actually enjoy hanging out on social media.

The reason why I even decided to take a break was because I realized that the pressure of “keeping up” in both what others posted and that I myself had to keep a posting schedule was stressing me the f out. I kept feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. The fear of not being enough, of not doing enough – that fear is dangerous. It’s like a virus that infects you and then spreads throughout your body and takes over. Eventually you start to even show physical symptoms too! For me it’s my stomach catarrh issues, bad skin, fatigue, a racing heart and itchy hands and feet – these are my physical warning signals telling me I need to snap out of it as soon as possible and take care of myself.

Taking a step back from social media gave me a lot of time to focus on other things. At first I had this imagination that I didn’t at all spend an unhealthy amount scrolling and that I only followed “healthy” accounts. Imagine my surprise when I felt so much better without opening the app every day! 😲 And the amount of time and mental space that suddenly “appeared”.
If you’ve ever felt something similar – do try even a couple of days off! Turn off notifications and simply remove the app from your phone’s “home page” (so no, you do not need to delete it. That’s too much hassle πŸ˜‰).

So, what DID I do during my break? I studied almost every day! This helped me realize that my studies are the most important thing right now. To be able to educate and inspire others, I need to be a sponge and actually learn as much as I can about my new profession. I want to be a great personal trainer and nutrition coach and to achieve that I need to be knowledgeable and confident in my skill. The only way to get there is by putting in the work and get more and more experience! I am sooo effing excited about the future πŸ₯°

My second most important thing is to prioritize my own health and health journey. Without fully going through the process of getting to a better place with my own health and fitness, I cannot teach others since I will be less convincing. I need to stick to my own set plans and routines to even begin thinking I can inspire others! This is what I have chosen and I need to live and breathe it to fully understand it. Experience it, just like I mentioned earlier! It did not help that I was sick with a really stubborn cold during this time which forced me to stay off the gym for over a month… but hey, relax and self-care is just as important 😁

One thing I was really proud of achieving during this break was that I finished it BIG; I attended a Meet & Greet of the fitness person I’ve admired and been inspired by for several years now – Hanna Γ–berg!

Me and Hanna Oeberg at OWNU event
Me and Hanna Γ–berg (@hannaoeberg)

Her company and fitness brand OWN|U celebrated 1 year and they threw together an event here in Stockholm. At first, I was a bit nervous and felt a bit silly as a 34 year old to do something like this. My husband reminded me that Hanna was actually the one who inspired me to train more thoughtfully and probably lead me on the path to start studying. So we went! And it was such an inspiring and motivational moment to meet her and her team; everyone so happy, warm and inviting.

You know when you have a perception of someone you’ve seen but haven’t met, and then when you finally meet them they’re just as cool as you thought or even cooler? That’s exactly how it was and I’m so thankful for it! Knowing my inspiration is a genuinely warm and thoughtful person who is so driven to help others makes me all fuzzy inside πŸ₯° I wish her & her team ALL the best and great success! πŸ₯³

Me and Paulina Suonvieri at OWNU event
Me and Paulina Suonvieri (@paulinasuo)
Me and Robin Samuelsson at OWNU event
Robin Samuelsson (@samuelssson90)

I was also SO happy to finally meet the nutritionist of OWN|U, Paulina, whom I’ve chatted a bit with over IG. Another genuinely warm and happy person who I felt like I had known forever!! Definitely someone you wish you had as a friend and colleague 😍 I also took the opportunity to talk with Robin, Hanna’s trainer and partner, who gave me a form-check and some great tips on how to improve my bicep curls so that my shoulders & neck don’t hurt. Oh what a day it was!! But OK, I’m going to stop boasting and ass-kissing now 🀣
However, if you didn’t get the point of the story; dare to take the leap when it’s presented to you! It is when you fully dedicate and enjoy the moment that you will see the wonders and opportunities that are meant for YOU!

Today I decided to get back to Instagram and my blog without any specific restraints – nor with pressure. Although on one condition; to remember my realizations from this break and to have FUN with social media! Because in the end, if the fun is lost, then what is the point? I need to remember to stay aware and to ignore all the pressure of what is necessary for the algorithm. Otherwise I will simply not even create meaningful and impactful content. The point of my channels is to do exactly that! Social media is about connection and this is important to keep in mind instead of getting blinded by so many other money-driven influences.

I am pumped and so excited to keep learning about health and to keep sharing my journey! The only way is up πŸš€ and I hope you will be here for it ❣️

Much love & strength,