9 Easy Exercises for Stretch & Mobility

Sharing with you a ~15 min Stretch & Mobility routine to loosen up a cranky/sore body! Don’t time yourself unless you’re short on time, simply listen to your body to know how long you need to hold the stretch for it to feel good/enough.

When I filmed this I had leg day on my schedule, but I was having a cranky hip and shoulder either due to the new exercises in my workout program, or because of a long car ride, or simply because I was sleeping in a different bed (I’m def not a teenager anymore! 😅) – doesn’t really matter! I just really needed to stretch and work on my mobility so this is the routine I did.

Feel free to follow along and hope it helps & feels great!

  1. Start by swinging arms from side to side, keeping hips in place. Then move over to rolling your hips around, stretching as far as possible.
  2. Stand straight and circulate arms from straight up to down, behind back and cross hands behind back, as high on back as possible. Repeat motion.
  3. Quad stretch + balance with arm to side. Also change arms and do more outside of quad. Think of pointing knee downwards, hips squared, shoulders aligned & relax foot!
  4. Swing leg back, aim to push pelvis forward (stretch should feel here). Take a deep breathe & move arms up and back behind you. Clasp hands and open up chest!
  5. Spread legs wide & point toes slightly inwards. Bend forward from hip. Place hands to grass/floor & then stretch one arm in the air. Alternate arms!
  6. Lunge all the way until your hand touches ground. Arm on same side as forward leg swings towards the sky. Hold the twist as long as possible and try to get deeper in your lunge if possible during the stretch!
  7. Slow swing leg front to back, arms out. Also works your balance, but if you want to focus on the stretch more then simply grab onto something!
  8. Plank to Downward Dog flow. Try to get in as many as possible and how much feels good!
  9. Roll vertebrae per vertebrae slowly. When at the top, stretch back/thank the sun! Repeat.

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