How To Increase Your Water Intake (and why)

WATER INTAKE 💧 something so simple, yet so hard to do?? I’m going to be honest and say not EVERY day is a perfect water intake day, but I really try and after getting my 2 liter big bottle it has helped A LOT 🙌 The past few months I’ve increased my water intake and I’ve noticed several positive changes! So I thought a post on how to increase your water intake (and why) would be a helpful update.

Did you know that you actually don’t have to drink JUST pure water? Many other drinks “count”, too! Check through the slide or here below to get some tips and also learn the benefits of drinking enough water daily 💙

Simple steps on How To Increase Your Water Intake (and why)

1. Water helps our bodies with SO many functions!
Which is also why health enthusiast keep mentioning to drink more water 😉

Some of these essential benefits are:

  • Transporting nutrients to cells
  • Getting rid of the bad stuff (wastes & toxins, including fat!)
  • Protecting the joints and organs
  • Maintaining body temperature

2. Try to get at least 2 liters
This is a great, balanced, amount which also doesn’t feel impossible.
Getting a big 2 liter bottle to have by your side will constantly remind you and make it so much easier!

3. “But I think water tastes so boooring!”
Many think this and say that is why they don’t drink enough.
Adding flavor to your water through Funlight or fruits is a great option. Even your favorite tea or herbs!

4. Other drinks “count” too!
You don’t only have to drink “pure water”, other fluids count too like tea, coffee, low-fat milk, sugar-free drinks and even juice!

You can actually create a refreshing drink made of strawberries, watermelon and/or other fruits with high in water and you have a super hydrating & yummy drink!

5. Increased water intake also means:

  • Improved weight loss, since it helps breaking down food & flushes out toxins!
  • Improved health of your skin, also since it flushes out toxins!
  • Increased energy & relieves fatigue, since your brain is mostly water!
  • Improved tummy health, since your 💩 will be more regular!
  • Improved cravings, since the brain won’t send mixed hunger signals!

6. Indicators that you should drink more
Is that your 💩 is non-floating and that your pee is very dark.
A good habit is to check after you’ve gone to the toilet to learn how the body is doing 😉

7. Possible negative effect!
You will pee A LOT – and that’s ok!
Just make sure you don’t chug half the bottle right before bed 😅

How are YOU doing on water intake? Is it easy for you or a struggle? 🤔

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Much love, strength & joy,