How it started vs How it’s going

Weight lifting is so much more than simply going to the gym to lift weights. If more people knew of all the benefits, I just KNOW every single person would do it. That is also why I am here doing what I do 😌 How it started vs how it’s going are completely different!

If you approach it right, it’s so humbling. It’s so disciplinal. It teaches you so much about yourself! It teaches patience. To listen inwards. To be conscious of how you’re feeling today and showing up just enough to challenge you. You grow from within and out to each cell in your muscles, breaking down, only to be rebuilt! Stronger. This stuff is magic ✨

The progress here might not look insane. It’s about 9 months apart and I’m down about 5 kgs/10 pounds, but I’ve also built a LOT of muscle overall during this time! 💪 And I am so fricken proud of myself for this progress when 9 months ago I barely had the ovaries to do deadlifts 🥹

It takes TIME and life happens in-between and that’s OK! Why do we think we need to rush it?? Life is so busy and the world spins faster every day. But let your time in the gym be your self-growth time and truly focus. Give yourself time. It’s love ❤️.
Imagine YOUR “how it started vs how it’s going”!

Much love, strength & joy,