How To Start Your Health Journey After Vacation

How DO you start your health journey after vacation? Here are my tips and tricks! Click through the slides above or check out the points below ✨

All these steps might sound like they’re a drop in the ocean and won’t have any effect, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! That would actually SUCK to do. Same with setting new routines – we take it ONE step at a time towards our absolute strongest self!

Simple steps on How To Start Your Health Journey After Vacation

1. Check in with yourself!
Do breath-work, meditate, journal or simply sit in stillness for a few minutes. What do you need right now?

2. Plan in your workout days into your schedule.
You might think it’s best to “go when you feel like it”, but if you actually plan in the days there is a higher chance you’ll go!

3. DON’T set the bar too high!
Few coaches mention this, but actually, set it just a little too low! You’ll set yourself up for success & the journey will be easier 😘 You’re welcome!

4. Also plan your meals.
If you feel that it’s not at all overwhelming, also plan your meals. You can start with even a couple a week, for example your breakfasts! A great start to the day.

5. Do NOT stress over weight.
Yes, you might have gained over the summer. However, 99% of it is water and will drop as long as we start adjusting our life a little!

6. Do NOT cut out specific foods.
Not completely! Or your calories drastically (if you’re counting). This will only lead to fatigue. It is MUCH better to instead focus on what’s beneficial for you, so that you have the energy to move and live your life⚡️

What are your thoughts? What are your plans? I’d love to hear! 😍

Much love, strength & joy,