The Importance of Right Shoes in the Gym

So let’s talk about my kicks!! 👟 And I do mean my lifting shoes 😜 Because I recently realized the importance of having the right shoes in the gym!

Over on instagram I usually posted snippets from my “leg day” on stories with the faithful Converse shoes. Those days are now GONE! 💨 Those shoes did actually squeeze my feet and I kept having an odd pain that didn’t want to go away. I did some research, and at a local sports store I found these which I had read good things about: @reebok Nano X3 😍. I decided to take them home & try them out!

And I am SO glad I did!! 🥰 The pain I had is completely gone and I feel SO supported now in my training. When lifting heavy, it is so very important to wear a shoe that helps your feet feel connected to the floor. Either a good flat and wide shoe or no shoes at all! A shoe is a safer option because a good sole prevents you from slipping 👌

The differences between the Reebok Nano X3 and the Converse

  • They’re wide enough! My toes are allowed to spread for a good grip & zero squeezing pain.
  • They give good support around the ankle and leave room for mobility.
  • The sole is stiff but not a complete rock! Just a perfect middle.
  • The confidence they bring out in me from being so supportive and comfortable throughout the whole foot is worth EVERY penny 🤌🤩💃 This all helps me feel so stable and allows me to challenge myself in the gym!

So next time you feel that you’re struggling with your form in your lifts or even with pain somewhere – consider which shoes you’re wearing in the gym! It can make a HUGE difference 💓

Have you thought of the importance of right shoes in the gym? Which do you prefer? Shoes or barefoot? ⚡️

Much love, strength & joy,