Testing A New Glute Day!

My kind of spontaneous Glute Day! Testing a new glute day and leaving it here with you so you can save it & try yourself 😉

I’m still in deload week after vacation, so I’m taking the opportunity to try out some new stuff & change up my program. Working out doesn’t always have to be so serious! Sometimes we can go in and try different things to see what we like and how some exercises actually feel 🥰

I lower my weights by a lot, but still keep exercises challenging by doing pauses or eccentric holds (extending the muscle slowly) or even focusing on form even MORE intentionally – like on the squats!

✨️Testing A New Glute Day – The Routine✨️

》Squats – 4×8 (start with 2 warmup sets)
》Hip Thrusts – 3×10 with top pause
》Lying Leg Curls – 3×12 with eccentric holds
》Cable Step Ups – 3×12
》Cable Glute Medius Kickbacks – 2×15

Gymming is really FAR from boring and repetitive if you know what you’re doing and if you truly bring your mind & focus to it 😉 Do you??

Let me know if you also you’ll also be testing this new glute day and how your body feels afterwards 😘

Much love, strength & joy,