My total NON-NEGOTIABLE before a workout, no matter how little time or energy I have – DYNAMIC STRETCHING LEG DAY WARM UP!

We often think that we can just stretch AFTER our workout because it’s “good for our body,” but do you know that stretching BEFORE your workout is even more important?? YEP! Before lifting, it’s crucial to prep our bodies right so we don’t get injured & so we can have good lifts! ⚡️

Start your leg day warm up by walking/rowing/elliptical for at least 5 minutes!

We do this by spending some minutes walking/rowing/elliptical to get our body moving and warm. But instead of the more famous “press and hold” stretching, we then also add some movement by stretching dynamically. Stretching dynamically means we keep moving and don’t just pressing and hold in a position. By easing the body into these movements we improve our mobility and prepare ourselves for the heavy stuff! Movement means that blood flows to these areas and with blood also oxygen and energy. This is exactly what we want! If we “press and hold” without being warm we can actually overstrain our body and hurt ourselves. Ever stretched and suddenly felt a “snap”? It is most likely because your body was not warm and “ready” enough.

You do not have to do this thorough warm up for the entire body each time you work out. A good rule to keep is to do the 5-10 min cardio and then add 6-10 dynamic stretching exercises to the specific muscle groups you’re aiming to train that day. However, your body will feel different each day, so listen to what it needs! It will thank you for it 💪.

To help you out, here are some of my dynamic stretching leg day warm up movements!
Hope you like it & feel the difference in your next session 🥰

Much love, strength & joy,