Weightloss Grocery Haul Must Haves

Your wish is my command!

A few weeks ago when I was at the grocery store, I asked on my Instagram stories if anyone wanted some grocery haul inspiration, and 80% did! (20% seem to already have this stuff figured out, good for them! 😁) So I put together this little grocery haul “must haves” items to keep home and help your weightloss.
I, of course, eat a lot more than this and change things up, but these are ESSENTIAL to have at home for fat loss and strength training!! And overall, to feel good ⚡️

》BANANAS & ORANGES 🍌 – Whoever said to NOT eat fruit has no idea what they’re talking about, ok?? Bananas are a great and healthy snack and work great to fill up a smoothie! Oranges are an amazing vitamin source and perfect for that sweet tooth 🍭
》OATS – For smoothies & overnight oats! LOVE oats to keep me full and for a happy tummy
》MEATS 🍖 – Lean meats like beef, chicken, turkey are a powerful protein source and I make sure to stack up on different variations for my meals and snacks!
》VEGGIES 🫑 – Both frozen & fresh! PERFECT for creating volume in a meal, increase satiety (feeling full) and VITAMINS!! Don’t be afraid of buying frozen veggies & berries – it’s better for the wallet and usually also contain more nutrition.
》KVARG/QUARK – AMAZING protein source!! Yummy by itself or perfect in both smoothies & overnight oats.
》POTATOES 🥔 – An AMAZING carb source!! Carbs are NOT the enemy! They fuel your brain & your body with energy and so much goodness.
》SOURKRAUT – It’s a first for me! I’ve heard so many good things about it for stomach health so can’t wait to try it! (Later note: I could NOT eat this 😅 I don’t know if it’s just this brand or what, but I’ll definitely find other ways to boost my stomach health…)
》CREAM CHEESE, LOW CAL SAUCE, LIGHT MAYO – Low cal toppings & sauces will HELP SO MUCH when it comes to having a healthy and sustainable weightloss! Gotta thank @wellnessbyemmie for this tip 👌
》PEPSI MAX 🥤 – There’s no other soda I’d rather drink!! That “light sodas” are dangerous for you is a twisted claim – you have to drink insane amounts for it to be dangerous. This helps me stay on track – it’s the small changes that are going to help you keep this “diet”!
》CHOCOLATE & POPCORN 🍫🍿 Because let’s face it, it will not be a sustainable lifestyle if you deprive yourself from things you love! My weekday fika & evening snack go-to’s.
Also always have EGGS 🥚 for protein & healthy fats, but wasn’t able to get my hands on any yesterday!

What are your favorite weightloss grocery haul must haves? Anything that’s on my list? ❤

Much love,