What You NEED To Know About Fats!

FATS 🥑🥜 Do you know they’re important? Do you know HOW important they are? And are you eating enough of them DAILY? Click through the slides, or check out the points below to find out what you NEED to know about fats!

Fats are one of those type of foods (or macros) which get so much unnecessary and undeserving crap. How many trend diets tell you fats are EVIL and will kill you if you eat them?? Certainly more than my hands have fingers 🤪 Truth is, without fats we will die!! Especially as a woman, fats are extremely important for our health (and hormonal health!). However, the trick is to understand that ALL fats are not created equal ⚖️

What are they?
Fats are a fantastic energy source for our body, but in the next point you’ll see how they also are much more important than that.
This macro is separated into saturated & unsaturated, with the latter being what we should focus on for good health.

What are they good for?
Fats main job is to give us energy. Besides that, it also protects organs, supports cell growth, keeps cholesterol & blood pressure under control and absorbs important nutrients.

The biggest issue is that our modern lifestyle tends to include too much of the saturated fats. We’re just not even aware of it. It is important to understand the difference between fats and how we can make easy adjustments for a healthier and longer life! 🥰

Are you getting enough of them?

It’s truly a balance when it comes to fat! Most people eat too much of it, and then also of the less healthy type.

Ca 25-40% of your daily macro intake should be from healthy fats, depending on your goals and if you’re male or female.

Easiest is to change out some full fats to low, have avocado as spread on your toast instead of butter, a handful of nuts as an afternoon snack, and also instead of pouring oil directly into the pan – have a spray bottle!

How can I up my intake?
Important to us are the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 which are involved in several biological processes.
These can be found in;
– Omega-3: fatty fish, algae, rapeseed, walnuts, chia, hemp, flax, soybean, avocado.
– Omega-6: corn oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame & soy.
Olive oil, olives, rapeseed oil, nuts, avocado and seeds are also healthy monounsaturated fats and should, in a balanced ratio, be included in our diet.

Before I did my PT course I was of the school that fats only make you fat, but understanding both anatomy and nutrition better I now MAKE SURE that I have fats in my meals to help my body feel good and strong 🥰 A true favorite of mine is definitely avocado! SO GOOD! But it’s not from my part of the world and therefore neither cheap nor sustainable, so nuts and seeds therefore get a very close second place 🏆 and eggs!! OMG, so many good fat sources…!!

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How is your relationship with fat? And which one is your best choice?

Much love, strength & joy,