The most underrated exercise – WALKING

🚶‍♂️ The most underrated exercise – WALKING!!🚶‍♂️
Health gurus always talk about HIIT training, strength training, spinning, running, etc etc etc. You can name any kind of high-pulse exercise when it comes to what is “the best exercise”. But do you know that WALKING is the most underrated form of exercise which is actually FANTASTIC for you?? 🌟 It is SO simple and SO effective! We can walk every day and in every weather! (yep 😜). If I happen to have a day when I feel a cold coming on and a sore throat starting, I don’t skip movement completely. I WALK! Walking doesn’t only help burn calories, but it’s also great for mental health & clarity.

I don’t often talk about my own weight and weight loss because I want how I FEEL to be the focus of my journey. Not a number on the scale. However, I can say that I have lost a significant amount of weight the past year (AND gained muscle!) and walking has REALLY contributed to this! Other cardio is not actually necessary for a weight loss point of view 💡

Here are a few reasons why I’m committed to getting those daily steps in, and why you should too:

1️⃣ Boosted Mood: Walking releases endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones, leaving you with a natural high and a more positive outlook on the day. 🌈

2️⃣ Increased Energy: Forget that mid-afternoon slump! Walking helps improve circulation and oxygen flow, giving you an energy boost to power through the day. ⚡️

3️⃣ Enhanced Creativity: Need a brainstorming session? Taking a walk can stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving. 🤔✨

4️⃣ Heart Health: A brisk walk is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, supporting heart health and reducing the risk of heart-related issues. ❤️🏃‍♂️

5️⃣ Stress Reduction: Say goodbye to stress! Walking can help lowering cortisol levels, promoting relaxation and overall mental well-being. 🌿

6️⃣ Improved Sleep: Regular physical activity, like daily walks, can contribute to better sleep quality. Say hello to sweet dreams! 😴🌙

Make it a daily habit that your body and mind will thank you for! 👟✨ Now tell me – do you walk daily?

Much love, strength & joy,