What You NEED To Know About Carbs!

CARBOHYDRATES 🥔🍞🧇 Do you know they’re important? Do you know HOW important they are? And are you eating enough of them DAILY? Click through the slides, or check out the points below to find out what you NEED to know about carbs!

Carbs, just like fats, are one of those type of foods (or macros) that get so much unnecessary and undeserving crap. 🛑 How many trend diets tell you carbs are EVIL and that they will leave you to NEVER lose weight??

Wow… I have probably tried every “low carb” diet out there and I have DEFINITELY lost weight doing them – no doubt about it. But, was it sustainable? Heck no! All the weight came right back after this “diet season” because who ACTUALLY wants to eat low carb their entire life?? Extremely boring, in my opinion 😜. And you know what, I didn’t lose weight because I barely ate carbs. I lost weight because I cut out almost entirely a whole food group from my diet!! 🤦‍♀️

Since I also compensated my lack of energy with eating more fat (and usually unhealthy options), I also ended up getting heart issues. As always, this kind of diet might help for some, but I know it wasn’t good for me and it hasn’t been good for SO so many others either. Today, I am SO happy to know better, have energy (from carbs!!) and live a more balanced lifestyle 🤗⚡.

So, what is the trick?? To BETTER understand our bodies and the nutrition it needs 🥰. Today, my favorite carbs are whole wheat or sourdough bread, oats & pasta! So, so good and it gives me fantastic energy!
But OMG, there are SO many good ones…!!

What are they?
Carbs (or carbohydrates) are our main source of energy and can be broken down into slow and fast carbs. This simply indicates how our blood sugar is affected by eating the carb.

What are they good for?
Slow carbs (non-starchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans & grains):
– Keeps blood sugar levels steady
– Helps us to feel more full
– Lowers “bad” cholesterol & supports better heart health

Fast carbs (starchy vegetables, fruits, white flour/rice/pasta, juices, sugar):
– Increases the blood sugar level quickly (also decreases with similar speed) and is therefore great both before & after a workout!

Both types provide energy to our organs (even the brain!) and are fantastic & so important to not exclude!

Are you getting enough of them?

The biggest issue with carbs is that they’re SO YUMMY and we tend to eat too much of them 😜.

Our total intake depends on our goals, but about 45-60% of your daily macro intake should be from carbs.

The easiest way is to change out some fast carbs to slow carbs in your diet. Try out new ingredients you haven’t before – like switching white rice to brown, or pasta to quinoa, or white bread to whole wheat!

How can I up my intake?
A few suggestions to add to your meals!
– Bread
– Rice
– Pasta
(Whole wheat versions will be slower carbs!)
– Potatoes
– Oats & whole grains
– Quinoa & bulgur
– Berries, banana, oranges, apples, watermelon, kiwi & many other fruits
– Beans, peas & lentils

To get more tips & tricks on how to add fibers and other nutrition, then make sure to check out the NUTRITIOUS FOODS – A GUIDE TO INGREDIENTS post.

Do you feel that you eat enough carbs daily & which are your favorites?

Much love, strength & joy,

Ps. Photo cred to @‌monika_grabkowska for a BEAUTIFUL photo 😍