Where will YOU be in 6 months?

The first month of the year just ended. Summer is about 5 months away. How will YOU make the best of these months? Where will YOU be in 6 months?

It might feel like a long time until then, but if you’re anything like me you’ll around May say “how is it already May???”, panic, jump on a “quick fix diet” or start training as hard as you can to punish yourself and try SHREDDING before summer arrives.

But you know what? F THAT! We’ve done that and we know it DOESN’T WORK!! ❌️ We’re done disappointing ourselves and not showing up FOR ourselves, right? No one else is going to do the work of getting us where we want to be, so why not just focusing on getting it right once and for all?

So instead, let us this year:
⭐️ Set an achievable schedule with our training! Not 7 days a week without rest, but at least 2 days and whatever we know we can fit into our life! Something I keep coming back to – set yourself up for SUCCESS!
⭐️ Eat nutritious meals that work FOR us! They’re both yummy & give us the energy we need 🥰
⭐️ Move daily because it keeps us healthy both in our mind and our body. Getting in at least 7500 steps daily is CRUCIAL for our overall health!
⭐️ REST! We’re in it for the long run and that means also having rest days for our bodies to recharge 💗
⭐️ Set daily routines where we care for our mind & soul! That can be either reading a good book before bed, doing a meditation before work or simply taking 10 min during lunch to close our eyes & focus on our breath ✨️

I’m on it!! Are you??
Where will YOU be in 6 months?

Much love, strength & joy,