LIFE UPDATE – Wow, it’s been a hot minute!

Holy smokes time flies!! It’s over a year since my last post… so, here’s my life update! 😅 WHAT HAPPENED?! No, I am not dead. I simply took a long break from my website – TOTALLY unintentional, it really just happened! My last post consisted of my new habits I was going to implement in the new year. I can be honest and say right off the bat that I did NOT keep my promise of meditating… Sure, I did it for a bit. Then I did it less often. And then it simply became now and then whenever it felt necessary. Why? Because I simply didn’t turn it into a routine.

I didn’t plan it into my daily life and so it became something sporadic. Did I suffer from it? Well, the result was that my inner work wasn’t fully being done and now I can totally tell 🙈. I’m not going to beat myself up about it! I’m done with those habits. Instead, I am choosing to see it as a learning experience and will take it with me into this year!

2022 – Another year of being daring & brave?

In my last post I also mentioned that 2021 was the year of daring and being brave. However, I feel like 2022 was much of it as well! Though, I did hold myself back in my self-doubt and I have not come as far as I wanted to be by now. But again, I’m not going to beat myself up for it! That doesn’t bring anything good with it. I am going to stay positive and stay focused because I KNOW that in 2022 I kept working on myself. I kept growing and that has led me to where I am now! 🥰

Today I am working as an assistant at Wellness By Emmie!! I get to help women achieve their dream bodies and bossbabe mindset. I’m learning & growing every day and I get to still work on my own fitness journey and inspire through my channels!! Even if I am not where I want to be financially yet, I still feel like “I’ve made it” because I know I’m on the right path 💗. This is probably one of the biggest life update!

New year intentions – 2023

I have many goals I want to achieve this year of 2023. I know it’s going to be a very special and powerful year – I can just feel the energy!! And it makes me soooo excited 🥰🥰 This time, I’m not going to tell you my list of goals! You’re simply going to have to follow my journey through my posts 😜. But I am also here FOR YOU and so I want you to engage with me by reaching out and telling me what YOU are struggling with and how I can help you! This is one of my main missions of 2023 ⚡

Since there’s been a long silence here and on my YouTube, I’ve created a video where I update you a little more! Please check it out below ❤️ One of the main catalysts for my chosen path comes from the self-development course I did by Georgie Stevenson’s Rise & Conquer Project. If you’ve read my previous posts you might remember me talking about it. It’s effing POWERFUL and I advise you to check them out if you’re feeling lost and are ready to do the inner work!! I talk more about this in the video too.

One thing I AM taking with me from previous year (and which I felt I achieved pretty OK 😊) is that life is NOW! I kept doing the work, I kept growing and this year I am focusing on growing with Wellness By Emmie, growing within myself, growing my own channels to keep inspiring myself on my own fitness journey as well as others, setting my good routines & habits and following my personal goals. So, that’s quite the life update! Life happens FOR me and it’s happening NOW! 🥰💗

We owe it to ourselves to live our best lives ✨

Much love, strength & happiness,