Do You Keep a Plan?

The other day, I heard two friends walking into the gym, first the casual chat over daily life, but then asking each other, “Did you have a plan on what to do here?”, “no not really, do you?”, “do you maybe wanna do some back?” and then they started throwing some exercises around…

For a PT to hear this, I can’t help but go 🤯😱🤯 I can’t even imagine not having ANY plan!! Sure, it’s fun to sometimes just be spontaneous – and it’s great to simply exercise – but where does it lead? What’s the purpose of your training? Have you ever thought about it?

Here’s the importance of keeping a plan:
⚡️ You don’t waste time! You know exactly what to do, how much & when, which will optimize your time at the gym

⚡️ You keep track of your lifts & focus on progression! This means you know the exact amount of weights you did last time & can decide how to challenge yourself. It is SO motivating to see your strength increasing each time!

⚡️ You focus on what you actually NEED! Having a plan designed to YOU means you can reach YOUR goals and weak spots that need improvement.

There are a bunch of free gym plans just one googling away, but this is where investing in a coach makes a HUGE difference so you can skip the guessing game and have a personalized plan 😉

Now, truthfully, do you follow a plan or not? 🤓
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Much love, strength & joy,

Ps. I use FitNotes to keep track (a free android app, but there are tons out there!! Or simply use an Excel sheet or go old school with pen & paper 🙌)